Thursday, December 16, 2010

Welcome to OBX TeleCommute!

TeleCommuting/Teleworking is the new 21st century work environment which allows corporate employees to seamlessly blend work and lifestyle in a productive and cost effective format (imagine pulling in a metro DC salary/benefits and living on the OBX?!). Around the country, teleworking is gaining ground in many metro areas as workers choose to avoid the daily commute/traffic to save time and resources, and seek lifestyle blends to support family and interests. A focus of the teleworking environment is the concept of a home office and/or teleworking hubs established and maintained by business and government sponsors.

I have decided to start this blog to promote teleworking on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. As a full-time OBX teleworker myself; with nearly 10 years of teleworking experience and success, this blog will be a portal for information specific to establishing a teleworking network and promotion medium for the Outer Banks.

The concept of a "Teleworking Hub" specific to the Outer Banks is quite fitting. The islands are known as a vacation destination for visitors across the mid-Atlantic and US in general. However; beyond the vacation aspect of the islands, the area is ripe to draw a professional workforce to this area in support of metro centers ranging from the Raleigh/Durham/Research Triangle Park area to metro Washington DC. Both the telecommunications and standard infrastructure (modern roadway access points to metro centers (Rt 64 and Rt 158) elements are in place to support a professional mobile workforce based on the OBX.

Future posts on this blog will highlight points ranging from the introductory concepts offered in this post as well as my experience as a full time teleworker. Additionally, this blog will be expanded to serve as an information portal and collaborative resource for both current OBX teleworkers as well as those interested in pursuing teleworking opportunities within the OBX Hub.

Stay tuned!

Bill Bell (full-time OBX telecommuter)
Senior SW Engineer
SRA International, Inc